What is TriBreath?

TriBreath is a practice where you make minor adjustments to your breathing rhythm, which as a result, you balance and improve the way you are able to physically move.  When you use these breathing techniques with the TriBreath exercises, you not only balance your body’s movement, you tone, vitalise & strengthen your body as the exercises literally help you draw more air into your lungs.  This makes it easier for you to maintain and build upon your lung capacity & lung function.

Best of all, the TriBreath techniques can be practiced when you’re out walking, in the gym or in the privacy of your home. You’ll breathe more regularly and more effectively as you open, lift and expand your body & chest!

You’ll walk better, run faster, move easier!

Who is it for?

We’d like to say everyone – well anyone who breathes while they walk, run, rides, paddles, surfs, pushes a pram... pulls a train :-)


TriBreath is all about you improving your strength, vitality & mobility using the most vital aspect of your life… your breath..


TriBreath is for all of us who walk, run, climb stairs, climb mountains, skip, surf, paddle, push a wheel barrow, push a pram and almost every other activity that uses the two sides of the body to move.


Everything you need to get the best out TriBreath you already have. Gym equipment and extra props are not a requirement for you to get good results. Yet with that said, using TriBreath in the gym will definitely change the way you train!


When you practice TriBreath, you build your physical, respiratory & neural fitness up, using your breath as a pendulum!


When you practice TriBreath and focus on “rhythmic breathing”, not only will your fitness & lung capacity improve, it will lift your exercise; your yoga; your meditation; your sport; your dance your everything!


Learning TriBreath you'll get insights on how your breath can be used to help elongate & lift your spine thus promoting improved posture, nerve communication and a sense of well being.

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Pat Cash

Wimbledon champion

" I am always looking for world class products and training techniques to find any edge I can in competition and training for either myself or my students. I would highly recommend everyone to learn either the TriBreath technique or any of Brett's fitness and health concepts."

Carolyn Eory

TriBreath Member

"I’m breathing better, I’m standing correctly, I walk correctly and that makes everything work better. I feel three(3) centimetres taller after every class. Better deportment

makes me feel better…it’s a wonderful domino effect of how one thing helps the other."

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