In this FREE TRIBREATH BEGINNER SERIES, i'm going to show you how to access greater potency and connection with your body.  

Yes i’m going to teach you some mighty powerful techniques to help strengthen your breath, your fitness and improve the way you move.

In this FREE Beginner Series, i share with you…

  • How the ‘WAY’ you breathe when you walk and run can lead to sore knees, hips, shoulders and limited lung capacity.
  • i’ll show you how a TriBreath™ breathing rhythm can help pump some extra oomph and energy into your body and bring awareness to your body’s movement.
  • And some tips you can use when you’re walking, running, working, exercising that when implemented, can increase breath, mind and body connection!

For with knowledge comes the power to transform!

i’m so confident that if you practice what i share with you, not only will your lung capacity increase and shortness of breath subside; you’ll move easier and think a whole lot better about your body and your body's movement.

No matter what your age, you can feel what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat of your body by using your breath like a pendulum to help balance and minimise the physical impact placed on the two sides of your body every time you walk or run.

Just like oxygen deficiency is the leading cause of both physical and mental collapse experienced by humanity today, so too is mis-alignment and compaction of your skeletal structure the leading cause of body limitation and immobility.

What i share with you in this series is for all people of all ages (walkers, runners, weekend warriors, professional athletes, seniors, people rehabilitating etc.) who wish to improve their physical & mental condition and spiritual connection.


TriBreathis all about you improving your strength, vitality, mobility and body connection using the most vital aspect of your life… your breath.


TriBreath™ is for all of us who walk, run, climb stairs, climb mountains, skip, surf, paddle, push a wheel barrow, push a pram and almost every other activity that uses the two sides of the body to move.


Everything you need to get the best out TriBreath™ you already have. Gym equipment and extra props are not required. Yet with that said, using TriBreath in the gym will change the way you train!


When you practice TriBreath™, restore & re-build your physical, respiratory & neural fitness up, using the rhythm of your breath like a pendulum!


When you practice TriBreath and focus on “rhythmic breathing”, not only will your fitness & lung capacity improve, it will lift your exercise; your yoga; your meditation; your sport; your dance your everything! 


Learning TriBreath™ you'll get insights on how your breath can be used to help elongate & lift your spine thus promoting improved posture, nerve communication and a sense of well being.

Pat Cash - Wimbledon Champion

I am always looking for world class products and training techniques to find any edge I can in competition and training for either myself or my students. I would highly recommend everyone to learn either the TriBreath technique or any of Brett's fitness and health concepts."

Carolyn Eory

"I’m breathing better, I’m standing correctly, I walk correctly and that makes everything work better. I feel three(3) centimetres taller after every class. Better deportment makes me feel better…it’s a wonderful domino effect of how one thing helps the other."

Wendy Rice

After a big injury had left it’s mark, I wasn’t sure whether my body's mobility would ever return. Within months of first practicing both the breathing rhythm's and movements you can use with each rhythm, it's almost as though the wheels of disintegration lost traction and the wheels of regeneration started turning. I 100% recommend TriBreath!"

John McMillan

Cyclist Extraordinaire

"The TriBreath techniques definitely work. The first time I tried them I felt like I was together. I felt alive, like I was all of myself. I use them all in training now. Not so much when I’m doing speed reps, but when I’m in the bigger gears and particularly when I’m going up the hills and the sprints. The TriBreath techniques power. It works!"

Yasemin Turker

Fitness is important to me. After one session with Brett I felt the difference straight away. It was like I had plenty in the tank when normally  I would feel as though I was on empty. When Brett say’s say goodbye to huffing and puffing, now I know what that means!"

Renae Walton

"It’s a great feeling when your lungs open up and your body starts to feel oxygenated. I’ve always had trouble with my breathing, but now it’s easy to exercise and my body tingles. My posture has opened-up improving the way I hold myself as well. Thankyou."

David Donnelly

"I found the TriBreath techniques have enabled me to run more comfortably than ever before in my life. So the impact on me is much greater energy and commitment to looking after myself."

Jason Goedhart

"The TriBreath techniques invigorate me. I feel excited about this way of exercise. Keeping myself fit, keeping myself youthful. For me it’s a new way of living."

About Brett Hayes

Having an interest in human anatomy from around the age of seven, Brett’s passion for the human body began early. Decades later and now with over thirty years’ experience as a body mechanic (injury repair), healer and teacher, the techniques of resurrection and regeneration that Brett shares encompass many aspects including breath/body synchronicity, structural alignment, mind direction and connection to Spirit.

He is the Head Coach and Developer of TriBreath, a practice that use ancient breathing rhythm's as the foundation for specific movements and techniques to help tone, fortify and strengthen your body's muscle and respiratory fitness.